The UnDelightened (The UnDelightened #1) by Bentz Deyo

The UnDelightenedPretty much as soon as I started reading I fell in love with this book. The world it’s set in holds a lot of similarities with the world of Sally Green’s Half Life books, which I adored, and thankfully I adored this book as well. Due to the similarities with Sally Green’s books I can’t say the plot was totally original but the two plots are still reasonably different despite their similarities… basically, it didn’t end up feeling like I was reading the same story with different characters. Which is good.

This review contains some spoilers!!

In fact, I did really like the characters. Giddeon truly made my skin crawl whilst Eloa is sweetly innocent. I hate Sara, and women like her, with a passion, but I’m unsure on my opinion of Leam’s father. It feels like he must be a weak man for turning on Leam how he did, but at the same time I can see that Leam may have bought back memories of Aggie for him; so I’m undecided. On the other hand, Leam’s brother Zach was truly an annoying little brat who I hope gets his comeuppance later in the series. As for Leam; he is wonderfully complicated and certainly has more layers to him than the rest of the characters (although I feel his father definitely has more secrets than we know so far). Leam shines as the main character for me, despite the story being resolved around Eloa during certain chapters, and I really want to know more about him; is he really more Dark than Light; what hidden powers have now been unleashed; and what on earth is with this bull thing inside of him?!!

The overall writing style of the book worked for me, although I have to mention that the use of the word “rape” (twice?) didn’t go down very well with me and I think that other words could have worked just as well. It just feels a little too vulgar to me, and a tad unnecessary. But, I do think that’s possibly my only criticism of the book. There were times when things became confused but I think that may have been deliberate as Leam is certainly confused (actually I think half the cast are quite confused most of the time).

I’m desperate for the next book as the ending of this was a massive cliffhanger, that left me needing a minute to clear my thoughts before I was able to start writing my (original) review. Within the next book I’m hoping to find out what’s happened to Leam’s father, to know more about Sebastian and the Light and I desperately need more of an insight into Leam’s mind. It seems fairly obvious that Leam and Eloa are probably going to end up ‘together’, but the love-plots in these books don’t usually interest me very much (although I understand why their relationship has been portrayed like that thus far). I hate that I have to wait a few months for the next book so I shall definitely be reading it at the earliest opportunity.

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