Fresh Brewed (The Continental Breakfast Club #2) by Pamela Ford

Fresh BrewedI started this book knowing I’d probably love it, as I adored the first, and I was definitely right. This book could so be made into a film. Fresh Brewed made me laugh and smile throughout, but also had a great plot – so great I read it in one sitting (it’s now 3:30am).

The characters crossed over from the first book, but this time is told from Bree’s perspective. Although not quite as much of a drama queen as Allie, Bree definitely shows similarities to her best friend. The storyline was again total madness, with the girls agreeing to partake in something ludicrous, but the book was written so well that it didn’t matter if it was hard to believe.

Like Over Easy, Fresh Brewed is a love story of sorts, and although there’s definitely cheesy romance within the story, it certainly wasn’t overwhelming. Meanwhile, the fast moving and twisting plot kept me amused throughout and there wasn’t a single moment that I wanted to put the book down.

I was hooked from the start (probably due to how much I enjoyed Over Easy) and I’m actually really sad that I’m going to have to wait for more of the girls whilst I wait for Honey Glazed to be released. I’m also sad that it seems logical to assume this series will only be a trilogy. A massive thanks, once again, to Pamela for sending me a personalised copy of this book – I’m so very happy that she was kind enough to do so, as I’ve been introduced to a whole new genre of books.

Over Easy (The Continental Breakfast Club book #1)

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