Over Easy (The Continental Breakfast Club #1) by Pamela Ford

Over EasyWhen I first started reading this I was concerned I’d dislike it because of the possibility it could be like the Bridget Jones books… But it really wasn’t.

Although the initial storyline is about finding “love”, the story line that takes over is hysterical (if not ridiculous) and I read the book in two long sessions due to needing to know what was going to happen. I laughed throughout and finished the book with a smile on my face.

Allie is a massive drama queen (like me) but has loyal friends that are happy to go along with her drama – regardless of possible consequences. Over Easy also came with its insane plot twists that, despite being hard to believe, kept me engaged and excited about what I was reading. There was a *brief* moment when I just wanted the story to get on with itself, during one of Allie’s breakdowns, but overall the book was very well paced and the story was definitely unlike anything I’ve read before.

I’m going to start the second book immediately and I know that, if it’s anything like the first, I will be gutted that I have to wait for the third. I want to thank Pamela Ford for personally sending me signed copies of the books, but more so for showing me that I can steer away from fantasy books without feeling like I’m going to be sick from the cheesy love stories or fall asleep. If you want a feel good story that’ll make you laugh or to brighten your day I definitely recommend Over Easy.

2 thoughts on “Over Easy (The Continental Breakfast Club #1) by Pamela Ford

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