To Ride A White Horse by Pamela Ford

To Ride A White HorseOh my. Honestly, I am not one for a love story and at first I only continued with this because of the history wrapped into the story. But it really didn’t take me long to be pulled in entirely by the story and the characters and I shed a tear more than once. The writing was wonderful throughout and the balance of seriousness, history and a love story was done perfectly. Although the end was a little cheesy, and certainly hard to believe, the story for the most part wasn’t cheesy (had it been I would not have been able to read it) and I have to label this as the first actual “love story” I’ve ever adored. I may even consider reading some of Pamela Ford’s other books, even with the knowledge that they are all love stories. I enjoyed this so much and had a wonderful Friday evening/night reading it. I cannot stop smiling.

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