Syringomyelia 1, University 0

Last Monday was supposed to be my first day back at uni but it was a total and utter disaster. I was rationing my pain medication as I was low and ended up walking out of my first lecture of the new year in tears because my pain was so ridiculous. I left uni, obviously. On my way home I went to pick up my prescription but it was only half complete… And of course, they messed up my pain killers. I sat in the pharmacy for two hours hoping that the staff would be able to sort my prescription out and when I was told I’d have to wait until the next day I completely broke down, which lead to the staff ushering me out with as much discretion as they could – I could barely walk and instead of causing a scene by calling an ambulance they called me a taxi and sent me home. The second I got through the door my body gave up because of the pain and I just sat there thinking how ridiculous my life actually is.

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