Vertigo, Could You Please Go

For the last Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Today five days I have been overwhelmed with vertigo and the other evil pixies that come with it.

The last few days I’ve not been able to sit up, lean against anything or lie flat on my back without feeling dizzy, sick and just a little disconnected. I’m sat up right now, this is the longest I’ve managed in the last few days and it won’t be long until I’m sick again. I’m shaking, achey and my vision is a little off.

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Shaving Is A Chronic Pain in the Ass

Shaving. That thing that 90% of the population HATE doing. But I can promise you, doing it when you’re broken is a whole new world of hate. I was in the shower, washing my hair yano ‘normal’ shower activities and when I bent down to start shaving my legs something hit me (probably a confused nerve sending a random message to the brain, but on this occasion that’s okay) – it really fkin hurts to shave your legs when you’re a #spoonie.

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